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Digital Marketing is a career area which is consistently expanding and evolving. Things that seemed to be science fiction just a decade ago are now commonplace in the fast paced online world we live in today.

Planning a career based in the digital world is a sound idea. The projected growth of the Internet will continue, and there is no visible end to technological advances.

Consider the fact that of the world’s 7 billion people approximately one- third are online; this allows room for the web to grow, and capable workers are needed to facilitate the growth. projected that by the year 2020 there would be approximately 1 million more computer oriented job openings that there will be well-trained personnel available to work in this sector.

Entering the realm of digital marketing at this opportune moment allows job seekers the option of choosing from multiple key entry- level positions in the field of digital marketing.

Internet Marketing Strategist

An internet marketing strategist needs a working understanding of how each of the various marketing tactics works as well as how the tactics interact with each other. The objective is to create a strategy that makes the most of the marketing tactics used by individual clients. In addition to optimally using these tactics, internet marketing strategists must map out short, mid, and long-range goals, as well as steps clients, will take to achieve them. Additionally, it is important to audit web assets to gauge a customer’s global presence and the value of each asset. This will identify areas for clients to use digital technology to improve their marketing combination.
Some necessary skills for a successful candidate for an internet marketing strategist include solid writing skills and fluent English, strong presentation skills, proficiency with SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Ad-words, fundamental understanding of URL architecting, email marketing, e-commerce, HTML, search and social advertising, and website design.
The average income for an internet marketing strategist is $55 thousand, but across the United States, the pay ranges between $37 thousand, and $60 thousand. The main influences of pay are background, geographic location, and specific employer standards.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist’s has the unique task of amplifying the amount of inbound traffic from search engines to a website. Keeping a website at the top of a search engine’s first page is the key to success. Because search engines like Google and Bing have hundreds of algorithms, an expert SEO Specialist conducts ongoing research into current methods used to judge websites.

The SEO Specialist must plan marketing strategies, engage in link building, metadata sculpting, content developing, optimization of site speed, develop a social media strategy. Additionally, it is necessary to instruct teams about the use of tactics such as keyword optimization, enhanced website design structure, social media optimization, and content development.

A well-qualified job candidate for an SEO position needs knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets, Google and Bing’s services, including Analytics and Webmaster Tools, a working grasp of HTML and CSS, prior use of Google’s Keyword Tool, and proficiency with back-end SEO elements such as .htaccess, robots.txt, metadata, and site speed optimization.

The typical entry-level wage for an SEO Specialist is $ 31 thousand but increases with time and success in the field. SEO Specialists salaries average $43 thousand per year and top out at around $65 thousand a year. Two factors that impact pay in this field are geographical location and career length.

Web Developer

There is a lack of consensus in many circles regarding specific web development roles and skills. Constantly evolving technology plays a part in the uncertainty as new tech requires skills and new roles. The web developer job requires considerable training in numerous programming languages and databases.

Solid communication skills are a must for web developers at every level of the job because, in addition to collaborating with colleagues, web developers must work closely with clients to understand the specific marketing and developing needs.

Developers must consider a customer’s products or services as well as the client’s target market to create an appealing site geared towards the intended audience. The job requires knowledge of software programs, Web applications and programming languages such as HTML and CSS, as well as a solid understanding of design principles.

Under the heading of a web developer, there are several more specialized offshoots including, Front-end developer who specializes in building client-side of a web application, essentially this is everything a client or user interacts with and sees. User interface developer (UI Developer) is similar to a front-end developer in that the job focuses in on the customer’s side of the website.

However, UI developers concentrate on the overall look and aesthetics of the website. The back-end developer is in charge of building and maintaining the server-side of a web application. This position focuses on aspects which are invisible to the site uses like the server, the application, and the database.

An entrant who joins the digital marketing world as a web developer needs to be proficient in HTML and CSS, and also in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++ languages. Starting salary is $33 thousand with the high end of the pay scale topping out at around $97 thousand.

Social Media Marketer

The arena of social media is a digital marketing dream. It is constantly growing, and although various sites have come and gone, for example, Myspace, the popularity of social media shows no signs of slowing. The job and skillset are broad and vary slightly depending on company needs.

A successful social media marketer focuses on two main elements engaging people and sharing content. Creating timetables for content and engagement for the major social networks facilitates this task. Social media marketers work to execute marketing campaigns to enhance brand recognition and loyalty. Additionally, they are often the liaison between their company and the customers and vendors it represents.

A qualified candidate for an entry level position in social media marketing typically possesses a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and or communications and should be familiar with optimizing large and small social media sites. Multitasking is a must as is monitoring Web 2.0 activities across sectors to implement best practices and encourage participation. The starting salary is near $30 thousand and increases depending on skills and location. A top tier salary for a social media marketer is $75 thousand.

Mobile Marketer

The field of mobile marketing has enormous growth potential right now. Most companies are shifting focus to mobile marketing as it is rapidly replacing the desktop as the point of contact between websites and consumers. This has created a shortage of mobile marketing specialists as the area is no longer an afterthought for companies. The job overlaps other digital marketing positions slightly, which allows professionals in other areas the chance to enter the mobile marketing field quickly.

A mobile marketer plays an essential part in website performance on mobile devices; websites must load quickly, respond instantly and work efficiently on mobile devices. Mobile marketers ensure high brand visibility; this frequently happens via social networks, apps, and games, but implementing fresh and creative ways to engage customers on mobile devices is also a part of the job.

Communications and marketing education is necessary for this job as is understanding of mobile devices, apps, and social media. Entry level salaries begin around $40 thousand, although larger corporations often begin five to ten thousand higher; top pay for mobile marketers is $80 thousand.

This is an ideal time for those seeking a career in digital marketing. Technology growth and development show no indication of slowing, and this leaves many companies frantically looking to fill positions. This field consistently scores high marks in the areas of salaries, benefits, and job satisfaction. It is a career path worth pursuing.

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