A little bit about myself…

Background: I was born in Layyah and raised in Lahore, Punjab of Pakistan. Being the son of an engineer from a humble background, I always have pondered on ‘how’ and ‘why’ rather just satisfying with ‘what’, which has caused me trouble since childhood and made me unsatisfied child among my siblings. From my childhood (and even now), two things which has always fascinated me; First ‘Flying Kite’ to realise that one day I want to be like that, to go up and beyond to do extraordinary for this world, and Second music, which gives imagination and creativity and has contributed profoundly to what I am today. So, I am an engineer by mind and an artist by soul.

Entrepreneur and Writer: Throughout my educational career I faced a bit difficulty to thrive due to restless (entrepreneurial) spirit which has helped me kept learning through trainings, courses, certifications, activities and above all made me avid reader (usually most on ‘how’ and ‘why’) which has greatly shaped my personality and mindset. Along the way, I embarked on a journey to learn classical music and started with learning Bamboo Flute and later classical singing. I strongly believe that music help creativity through imagination. Entrepreneurial mindset and creativity eventually led me found Omnicore, one of the leadings Digital Marketing Agency that kept establishing on its reputation and credibility. As a restless sould, I got stuck with one question How can I help aspiring digital marketers get started?.

  • The first way I found to answer this question is by writing a book called “Digital Passport”, a book which serves not only as an introduction to different fields of digital marketing but also shows career progression in each field starting from entry-level jobs to executive positions with the average salaries. This book is about What, How and from where you can learn the digital marketing skills, what books to read and what NOT to follow. An Ultimate Digital Marketing Career Book for new and aspiring students selected as a ‘Top 100 Books of Digital Marketing of All Times’ (in top 20).
  • So, the second way I found was to create an industry’s first Digital Marketing Career Assessment test that will help answer the right digital marketing field based on your personality type. I believe this will be a game changer in the industry and will help hundreds. Click here to learn more about the test.

Posiitve feedback from my book has significantly improved my confidence and skills in writing so I regularly started sharing my opinions on Entrepreneur, AllBusiness, and Quora.

Passion: I have always had a passion to explore the world but never had a chance (until 2014) to explore it due to financial constraint, so I decided to learn languages as I have found this is the best way to understand other cultures. I started with French, then Persian, and now I am in love with Chinese. When I have the opportunity, I do horse riding and getting onto a Jet Ski, hobbies I learned from a young age and have stayed with ever since then. There’s something freeing and independent about skimming across the water, and it’s a great way to blow off steam after a long week. I invest in ideas, books and people.

Aiming towards: Currently I am living in in Aberdeen, UK for my studies and perusing PhD in Management (Entrepreneurship) aiming to complete in 2022, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.

I am open to startup ideas, collaboration, and creating innovative soltuions with entrepreneurial mindset for the world.