Expected Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

future trends of digital marketing

Wondering What’s Ahead? Don’t Miss These Nine Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

As 2016 comes to a close and we in the marketing world look toward a new year, there are old trends in digital marketing celebrate and brand new ones to keep our eye on.

What 2016 taught us in that with the online presence of small-to-medium-sized businesses increasing at a rapid pace, digital marketers needed to invest in responsive marketing and make a new commitment to developing creative, viral marketing campaigns.

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31 Must-Read Digital Marketing Blogs for 2020

digital markting blogs to follow

However, many of us are planning on increasing our online presence and boosting our website traffic and sales. If this is your resolution, you have come to the right place.

We have searched the web for some of the best digital marketing blogs. Given how well they have done thus far and the quality of the information they continually produce, we are sure that these blogs will have some great information.

We have also included three of the best pieces from each site so that you can have a good idea of what these sites have to offer and what we can expect. So, if you are ready, let’s get going.

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Voice Search: 31 Stats That Reveal Why it is the New Way to Search

Voice Search Statistics

Voice search is on the rise. Before you chalk it up to just another technological novelty, here are 31 stats that prove voice anything but a fad – and a few ways you can take advantage of it.

Alexa. Assistant. Bixby. Cortana. And of course, Siri.

No doubt you’ve heard the names of a least a few of the above digital assistants. More importantly, you might be one of the 39 million Americans (and growing) who’ve engaged voice AI through a smart speaker you own.

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What Kind of Thought Leader Are You? 7 Types and Their Characteristics

Thought leaders aren’t just people who throw out idea after idea, hoping one stick around. They’re the people who give well-rounded answers to complicated questions.

They earn their reputation by providing solutions that can both connect with and inspire those around them. They may be recognized leaders in their company, but they don’t have to be.

Anyone with enough insight and experience can be a thought leader if they have the right characteristics, but different thought leaders have different characteristics.

Some work better on their own while others prefer to collaborate. Some want to challenge conventional views for the sake of progress while others want to use their competitive streak to bring out the best in themselves and their company.

It’s worth taking time to dissect and analyze these qualities to answer the all-important question: what type of thought leader are you?

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What is the difference between Digital Marketing vs. Digital Advertising?

digital marketing vs digital advertising guide

You probably know that you should use digital advertising and digital marketing to get your product or service into the public’s eye. Digital marketing and digital advertising, although very similar, are two different ways of publicizing your business.

Digital advertising tends to be broadly targetted and disruptive. Digital marketing, which includes content marketing, is more focused towards specific customers. Digital marketing also aims to attract potential customers instead of disrupting them.

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