Top Entry Level Jobs in Digital Marketing and Projected Salaries

digital marketing salaries

Digital Marketing is a career area which is consistently expanding and evolving. Things that seemed to be science fiction just a decade ago are now commonplace in the fast paced online world we live in today.

Planning a career based in the digital world is a sound idea. The projected growth of the Internet will continue, and there is no visible end to technological advances.

Consider the fact that of the world’s 7 billion people approximately one- third are online; this allows room for the web to grow, and capable workers are needed to facilitate the growth. projected that by the year 2020 there would be approximately 1 million more computer oriented job openings that there will be well-trained personnel available to work in this sector.

Entering the realm of digital marketing at this opportune moment allows job seekers the option of choosing from multiple key entry- level positions in the field of digital marketing.

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