Hi! I’m Hafiz.

I’m a digital marketing career & leadership coach. I started my career in 2009 with a $90 loan and without any plan. Digital marketing wasn’t an established field then and there were certainly not many institutes teaching it back then.

What followed was a decade of trial and error, figuring out which field of digital marketing is right for me. Should I become a mobile marketing expert or my energy and time is better spent studying conversion optimization and mastering the art of persuasion online.

Fast forward today, I am a successful entrepreneur with 4 companies under my belt, a published author, and a regular columnist at Entrepreneur and Allbusiness. My work has been featured on leading digital publications.

The Mission

While I did find my calling, I realize now that the journey could’ve been much smoother if I had a mentor or a digital marketing career coach to help choose the right path in this industry.

Most of the advice you find online is based on starting a shopify store to launching courses and be your own boss. But there isn’t anyone guiding the next generation of digital marketers identify the right field for them.

The core of my work revolves around this question: How can I help aspiring digital marketers get started?

The first way I found to answer this question is by writing a book called “Digital P”, a book which serves not only as an introduction to different fields of digital marketing but also shows career progression in each field starting from entry-level jobs to executive positions with the average salaries.

However, an introduction alone doesn’t service the purpose in my opinion as it was a pain point I tried to solve for a long long time.

So, the second way I found was to create a Psychometric test that will help answer the right digital marketing field based on your personality type. I believe this will be a game changer in the industry and will help hundreds. Click here to learn more about the test.

Interested in Learning More?

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My readers include aspiring digital marketers and industry professionals who are interested in learning more about digital marketing.

My Motto

“The purpose of leadership is to create more leaders, not more followers. – Ralph Nader”