I. Introduction
These website terms (Terms of Use) explain and govern your use of the site (also the “Site”) and your access to it. We provide access to the internet site for your use only, and we authorize the use of the site only with your concurrence with the terms of use that we describe herein. The references that we cite in these terms apply to this website and any related web pages:

You must carefully read the terms and conditions that govern the use of the site before you use it. Your access to the site confirms your agreement to abide by the terms and conditions as well as any document(s) that contain references to them. If you disagree with the terms and conditions or do not accept them, then you need to stop using the site immediately. To post questions about the site(s), please use the following email address to contact us: hello@hafizmuhammadali.com or https://hafizmuhammadali.com/contact/.

II. Definitions and Interpretation
Aptitude Test refers to diagrammatic, numerical or verbal reasoning or situational judgment as well as any other product or aptitude test available on our site at any time.

Content means any audio, image, text or other multimedia content, software or other materials or information that subsists on, is submitted to or is accessible from the site.

You or your refers to the person who uses or accesses the site, any of its aptitude tests or any content on the site.

Our, us or we means Digital Marketing Career and Leadership Coach, a company that holds registration in Dayton, Ohio, USA. The registered office location is 4505 Honeywell Ct., Door 31, Dayton, Ohio 45424-5760, USA, Telephone +19378896246.

Interpretation means that singular forms of words include the plural, and those that have plural forms include the singular form unless the context requires otherwise. Any phrase that starts with for example, in particular, including or includes serves an illustrative purpose and does not limit the general nature of the related general words.

Virus refers to any device, without limitation, which creates any malicious authorization key, code, lock, trojan, worm, virus or similar device that impairs or has the potential to reduce the operation or functionality of the site.

B. Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy
These conditions and terms of use include our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. These conditions apply to them in any case of any conflict or inconsistency, and, together, they are the terms of use. We provide access to our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy at https://hafizmuhammadali.com/contact/.

C. Accessibility
We endeavor to make this website readily available insofar as possible. If you encounter any difficulty in accessing the site or its content, please notify us at https://hafizmuhammadali.com/contact/.

III. Restrictions on Use
Our intention for this site is to direct it to the residents of the United Kingdom who are over age 18. We make the site available for your personal use only. Using it only for non-commercial purposes is a condition of your use of the site, and it implies your consent.

A. You may not use our site or its content for any purposes other than those that we permit under the terms herein or as expressly allowed under applicable law. Such applications include copying, decompiling, distributing, displaying, licensing or sublicensing, modifying, performing, reverse engineering, revising, selling, transferring, transmitting, or otherwise conveying to any third party or otherwise deep-linking, publishing, or innovating derivative works from the site or its content including exploitation in any way.

B. You may not use our site for any unlawful purpose under any applicable law or any purpose that the terms herein prohibit.

C. You may not distribute viruses by using the site.

D. You may not suggest or represent in any way that we endorse any other service, business or product unless you obtain from us written permission to do so.

E. You may not disparage or defame anyone on the site, make derogatory, obscene or offensive comments or otherwise use our site or its contents in any manner that causes us or any third party to suffer disrepute or to become liable to any third party.

F. You hold full responsibility for all costs and any expenses that you may sustain in relation to your use of our site as well as sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and other account details.

G. We retain the right to suspend or prevent your access to our site if you violate any of these terms or part thereof or any applicable law.

IV. Ownership, Use and Intellectual Property Rights
Our site and all of its intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, any content) are our property. We retain all rights to our intellectual property which includes all copyrights, database rights, design rights, domain names, patents, trademarks and all other rights to intellectual property of any kind whether it has a registered or unregistered status anywhere in the world.

A. You may not construe anything in these terms of use as a grant to any rights in the site except as necessary to access the site. By accessing the site, you agree not to delete or otherwise avoid notices of copyrights that the site contains and, in particular, any that pertain to any digital rights or security technology of any kind that our site provides or embeds within any of its content.

V. Accuracy of Information and Site Availability
We make every reasonable effort to present up-to-date and accurate information on our site, but we do not promise, warrant or represent either expressly or by implication that the content is always accurate, available, up-to-date and complete nor free from errors, bugs or omissions or is suitable for any purpose.

Even though we exert every commercially reasonable practice to make sure that the site offers access on demand, we cannot guarantee and do not represent, guarantee or warrant its availability at all times or its uninterrupted access to you. We may interrupt, terminate or suspend the operation of the site at any time as we see fit and at our sole discretion. Nothing in our terms of use operates to create a prejudice of your statutory rights nor any mandatory statutory requirement.

The reliance that you ascribe to the site or the information that it contains is your decision and at your own risk. The content that we provide on the website is for general information purposes only and to share information about us, our products, services, features, news and other sites which we select for their potential to interest you. We do not claim that it constitutes legal, financial, or technical advice or help of any other kind, and we recommend that you do not rely on it as a guide for any purpose.

VI. Hyperlinks and Third-Party Sites
References or hyperlinks to third party websites may take you away from our site, and we provide them solely as a convenience to you. We do not exercise control over external websites, and we accept no responsibility for the material, content or information that you may find on them. The presence of any reference or hyperlink on our site to a third party neither represents an endorsement of the external site or its services or products. The terms and conditions of any third party site govern your use of the website.

VII. Warranties and Limitation of Liability
To the extent that applicable laws allow, we deny all liability that may arise in the form of contract, breach of statutory duty or tort which may otherwise have come to you because of any inaccuracies or errors or any statement or representation on the site or its unavailability for any reason.

Under no condition can our aggregate liability to you for any and all claims that may arise from your use of the site, its downloads or content amount to more than you have paid to us for using the site or any of its contents.

We do not accept liability for any damage or loss that we may cause that was not possible for us to anticipate when you began to use the site. We reject any responsibility for your loss of reputation, salary, revenue or profits that you may experience as a result of using our site. We also deny any liability for acts or omissions that any third party, other users to our site or any consequential or indirect loss or damage that you may experience that relates to your use of our site and its content.

By accessing our site, you express agreement to using it on an “as available” basis. Except where applicable law expressly requires it, we make no warranties, representations, conditions or any other terms, implied or expressed, relating to the provisions of the site. We reject, without limitation, responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of any content on our site, or the satisfactory quality or appropriateness of content for any particular purpose.

Notwithstanding any of the other provisions of these terms and conditions, we do not limit or exclude the liability for personal injury or death that may arise from our negligence, for any fraudulent misrepresentation or for fraud made by us on our site or for any other statutory right which is not capable of becoming excluded.

VIII. General
These terms are current as of 01 August 2017.

A. No changes to these terms have validity or any effect unless we agree with them in writing, and we retain the right to vary the terms from time to time. We display our new terms on our website, and by continuing to access and use the site after such changes take effect reflects your agreement with them and willingness to abide by any variation that we may make to them. The responsibility to review these terms periodically to verify such modifications rests with you.

B. Unless we expressly state otherwise in these terms, you must send any notices from you to us at https://hafizmuhammadali.com/contact/. You may view notices from us to you on our website occasionally.

C. We express no liability to you for any breach of these terms and conditions that occur in events or circumstances that lie outside of our control including, without limitation, such explosion or accident, fire or flood, lockouts, strikes or other network access, disputes or system breakdowns.

D. If or when any of these terms or part thereof becomes unenforceable, including any provision that limits or excludes our liability to you, there is no effect on the enforceability of other parts of the terms. If we decide not to enforce any of the rights that we have against you at whatsoever time, there is nothing to prevent us from exercising our right to enforce or exercise that right later.

E. Except for our affiliates, employees, representatives or directors, no one who is not a party to this agreement has any right to enforce the terms of this agreement under the United Kingdom Contracts Act of 1999.

F. These terms encompass the entire agreement and understanding between you and us about your use of our site to replace and supersede any statement, representation or other communication made by us or you, either written or otherwise, which does not appear herein.

G. Except for fraudulent misrepresentation or fraud, we accept no liability for any such representation as misleading or untrue.

H. You may not sub-license, assign or otherwise change your obligations or rights in whole or in part to another person.

I. These terms, as well as any dispute or claim that may arise from or in connection with them, reflect governance in that is by the laws of England and Wales.