I have always been an entrepreneur and knew from a young age that I wanted to work for myself. Back in 2009, I made that dream come true with a $90 loan from a friend for hosting and buying my company domain. Since then, I have been all about GROWTH.

Why You and Me are Alike

If you’ve ever wondered!

“How can I start and build my career as a digital marketer?”, you’re in the right place.

Because you are like me if you’re fascinated by the opportunities that the digital marketing industry offer. Whether you want a career in digital marketing, or simply want to learn the craft of digital marketing to strengthen your own business, I believe you’re on the right track just by being here!

I also highly value giving back and helping others succeed, which is why I’ve spent so much of my time and effort mentoring others.

I’ve always been independent and realized that digital marketing is the best industry for me to remain independent, become successful, and help others at the same time.

Looking to make a real change?

I know what it’s like to struggle in the digital marketing industry. For years, I had to go at it alone. The only people who wanted to “guide” me were really just pitching or selling something to me. They’d offer guidance – if only I would pay them. Ultimately, I found my own way, started a digital marketing agency and have now built Omnicore Group into a powerhouse.

I wrote a book for people who want to build a career in the digital marketing industry like I have. The book is called Digital Passport and will cover everything you need to know, and should expect, from a career in digital marketing.

It’s important to understand the various sectors of the digital marketing industry. Not only do they all fit together to make a larger picture, but you must choose which areas you want to specialize in. It’s ok to learn a little about everything, but ultimately you will want to specialize in a few specific areas so you can become truly great.

If you want to learn the information, it’s important to know where to look. I help save you from wasting precious time looking for the resources you need, so you can instead focus on actually utilizing them.

I have also prepared a first-ever psychometric test in the digital marketing industry which will help decide the users which field of digital marketing is right for them based on their personality type.

I believe that helping others is what true leadership is all about. I have spent years mentoring people in the digital marketing world.

If you’d like to speak with me about the digital marketing industry, please reach out via email hello[at]hafizmuhammadali.com or Contact here.

More About Me

I am an internet entrepreneur and who founded the Omnicore Group. I love helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers at large enterprises reach new customers.

In addition, I contribute to popular business publications including Entrepreneur.com and AllBusiness.com. I also highly value giving back and helping others succeed, which is why I spent so much of my time and effort mentoring others. I created Digital Passport to help as many people as possible.

Like most professionals, I am committed to education and staying sharp. Some of my educational achievements include:

  • MSc. Digital Marketing Leadership from The University of Aberdeen
  • Life Coach Certification from University of Cambridge
  • Additional certifications or training from the Digital Marketing Institute, Google, and MarketMotive.

My work has been featured in leading digital publications.

I love investing in Books, scholarships and also have a passion for music and horse riding, hobbies I learned from a young age and have stayed with ever since then. When I have the opportunity, I also love getting onto a Jet Ski.

There’s something freeing and independent about skimming across the water, and it’s a great way to blow off steam after a long week.

Ps: The purpose of charging a fee for Digital Marketing Assessment Test and for Digital Passport Book to get funding for the Scholarships to help students like you thrive in Digital Marketing. Please read more about Scholarships here.