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For the quickest response, I recommend connecting with me on Twitter or Instagram. Those are the places I love to chat most and you’re likely to get a quicker response.

If you are reaching out for one of the reasons listed below, you may want to read it before getting touch with me:

Guest Posting –  I am not accepting guest posts. Thank you for your interest! If you submit a guest post or send an inquiry, you will get an auto-reply that restates what I just said.

Product Reviews & Advertisement –  I’m not currently looking to do any product reviews, join ad networks, or sell advertisements on this site. Thanks for your interest.

Career Advice – Chances are, I’ve probably answered your question somewhere in my book or in the in-depth career guides I’ve written on this blog.


If I didn’t answer your question above or you’d like to email me about something else (even just to say hi!), then you can contact me here:

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