Which Digital Marketing Hat Best Fits You? 

Digital Ladder is an industry-first Digital Marketing Psychometric Test designed to identify the right Career for you.

Which sought-after digital marketing speciality matches your personality?  

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A Qualified Psychologist & Digital Marketing Career Coach Designed Digital Ladder to Help People Like You 

Digital Ladder is an advance unbiased test designed by an expert Psychologist specialized in Psychoanalysis & Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), and a digital marketing career and leadership coach.  

The test looks at your unique mix of personality characteristics, aptitude, and abilities. Using this information, it tells you which digital marketing roles best fit you. 

This personalized approach helps you:  

  • Save Time and Frustration. For many professionals, finding the right niche and specialty involve years of trial and error. You take one job only to find the work feels tedious and frustrating. You accept another project and discover work you love. Streamline this process by discovering which specialties fit your personality.  
  • Earn More Money. Fast track your success by choosing roles that match your talents. When you excel at your work, you progress faster and in business that results in higher earnings.  
  • Feel Fulfilled and Happy. Most of us spend one-third of our adult life at work. When you love your job, you feel excited to wake up each day. Your passion and charisma will spill over into your social and family life.  


Do you want to start climbing the ladder to success? Get started with Digital Ladder today.

How is this Digital Marketing Career Assessment Accurate? 

Our proprietary tool is based on four different personality models that helps identify the right digital marketing field to the customers.

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator®, that examines your psychological preferences, how you become aware of yourself and the world and how you use that awareness. 

We use this information to tell you which digital marketing field matches and enhances your natural tendencies. 

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
  • Do you make better decisions when you use your logic or your feelings? 
  • Are you filtering information using facts or your intuition? 
  • Do you function better when you stay open to new information or when you come to conclusions?

The Big Five personality traits, that has been a robust psychometric test for over 26 years. The Big Five define how different people respond to different situations. 

In the Digital Marketing Career Assessment, you will learn which marketing field is in alignment with your personality traits. 

  • Are you open to and enjoy new experiences? 
  • Are you insightful and imaginative? 
  • Are you reliable and organised? 
  • Are you assertive? 
  • Are you cooperative and compassionate? 
  • Are you empathetic? Or are you distant? 
  • How do you manage your emotions? 

The Belbin Team Inventory, that identifies the different behaviours you are likely to demonstrate in the workplace. This set of behaviours belongs to specific team roles. 

The Digital Marketing Career Assessment defines your ideal team role and connects it to the digital marketing career that will allow you to take on that role. 

  • Are you an idea generator? 
  • Do you work best when you cooperate with others or when you are alone? 
  • Are you the one who does the networking? Are you a leader? 
  • Are you the one who comes up with the best plan? 
  • Do other people rely on you for an objective point of view? Can you bring the best out of other team members? 
  • Do you challenge others or accept them as they are? 
  • Do you have an eye for detail? 

The Clifton Strengths Finder, that assesses what makes you unique and what are your talents. Once you are aware of your talents you can turn them into strengths and use them so you can thrive in lfe.

The Digital Marketing Career Assessment gives you a list of your top strengths and shows you which career will allow you to leverage them so you can reach your full potential. 

  • Are you naturally good at resolving conflicts? 
  • Is it easy for you to connect with other people? 
  • Are you ambitious? 
  • Do you take action to get what you want? 
  • Can you adapt to new environments? 
  • Are you smart? Do you have charisma? 
  • Does competition motivate you? 
  • Do you see patterns and connections where other people can’t? 
  • Can you plan for the unexpected? Are you careful or impulsive? Are you a visionary? 

Each of these tests explores your personality traits, social tendencies, and how you interact with the world. 

By combining them, Digital Ladder starts with a comprehensive picture of your personal traits then matches those traits to in-demand digital marketing specializations.  

We look at personality characteristics including:  

  • Are you an introvert or extrovert?  
  • Do you prefer to make decisions based on logic or feelings? Facts or intuition?  
  • Do you enjoy new experiences or prefer to stay within your comfort zone?  
  • Do you work best when you cooperate with others or when you are alone?  
  • Do other people rely on you for an objective point of view? Can you bring the best out of other team members?  
  • Can you plan for the unexpected? Are you careful or impulsive? Are you a visionary?  
  • And more, our 210+ question test offers comprehensive insights into your preferences and personality.

Imagine scientifically identifying a clear career path! Digital Ladder removes the pain of second guessing yourself and the time-wasting frustration of figuring it out.  

There is no time like now. Take your Digital Ladder assessment today.

How Does the Digital Marketing Career Assessment Work? 


Take the Digital Marketing Career Assessment. 

The Digital Marketing Career Assessment is an online multiple choice psychometric self-assessment that you can take from the comfort of your own home. The test typically takes between one and two hours to complete.  

Simply choose the answer that applies to you the most, click it and move on to the next question. Many enjoy the process of self-discovery and find the assessment to be fun and entertaining.  


Get Your Personalised Report 

Once you submit your completed assessment, we analyze your answers and email you a detailed report.  

This report includes very specific feedback on:  

  • Your personality type.  
  • Your core individual strengths that make you truly unique.  
  • How you interact with other people and form relationships.  
  • Your ideal role within a team.  
  • The digital marketing field that will allow you to use your natural assets effortlessly.  
  • An outline of your day-to-day tasks and life as a digital marketer in your appointed career.  
  • And the next 3 real-world steps to take to start your digital marketing career

This self-awareness empowers you to enter your chosen field. Sometimes you may need to pursue additional training or certifications, but this insight will help you best focus your efforts.


Win Our Scholarship to Become a Certified Digital Marketer 

We believe in your potential for success. This is why we started the Digital Ladder scholarship. 1 out of every 30 people who take the Digital Marketing Career Assessment will win the scholarship and become a certified digital marketer on our dime.  

We want to make sure that we invest in someone who is really passionate about digital marketing and can really benefit from this opportunity.  

Scholarship Application Process:

  • Complete the assessment  
  • Send a short 400 - 600 email describing why you are the right person for the scholarship.  
  • Apply for the Digital Ladder Scholarship and start climbing the digital ladder today.

Your Digital Ladder Package Includes  

  • Comprehensive Test to learn which digital marketing career path suits your personality, strengths and natural talents.  
  • Get an individually customized report that breaks down which marketing career is ideal for you and why.  
  • Get the chance to win a full scholarship so you can become a professional digital marketer within six months, even if you don’t have any experience.  
  • Digital printable certificate to show your employer which roles you best fit.  
  • Actionable insight so you can climb the ladder to professional success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I need to take this test?  

You will spend nearly 80% of your life at work. So you have to make sure that during this time you are doing something you are passionate about.

2. What is the validity of this test?  

We have developed this test based on Leading Personality Models of the industry; Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, The Big Five Personality Trait, Belbin Team Inventory, and The Clifton StrengthsFinder to make 

3. How long does it take to perform this test?  

Our analytics shows that an average user completes this test anywhere from 45-60 minutes.  

4. Can I take a break during the test?  

Yes, there is no time limit on this test. In fact, we suggest having a cup of coffee and take break in between. However. you are eligible to perform this test within 24 hours.

4. How many questions should I expect in this test? 

Our memory bank includes around 1000 questions of which 210+ questions will be included in the test at random according to the answers you choose as you go.

5. Is this test accurate? 

This test is made by a team of industry experts that includes a Certified Life coach, Qualified Psychlogist, Industry Neuro-linguistic programming expert, and team of digital marketers who has experience of more than a decade.

6. How can this test help me grow in digital marketing? 

The test not only helps answer which field of digital marketing is right for you but also tell you how to move forward by providing suggestions on which books you shoud buy, blogs that you should read and influencers you should follow.

7. Why you created this test?

As someone who had troube figuring out the digital marketing industry, I made this test to give back to the industry. In fact, I am giving away free scholarship to help aspiring marketers move forward in digital.

8. How can I win the scholarship?

1 out of every 30 people who take the Digital Marketing Career Assessment will win the scholarship.

All we need from you is to complete the assessment and then send us a short email (400 - 600 words) telling us why you are the right person to get our fully funded scholarship.

About Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Hafiz Muhammad Ali a Digital Marketing Career & Leadership Coach and a serial entrepreneur (4x). 

He holds Msc Degee Digital Marketing Leadership an is certified by MarketMotive in Digital Marketing & University of Cambridge in Life Coaching. 

He started his career a $90 loan and it took him years to identify the right career path for him. Now his mission is to help aspiring digital marketers get a kickstart in their career through this tool and a book he is currently writing as a way of giving back.